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5 Best Laser Measuring Tool for Appraisers

Ever have trouble using a tape measure to take a measurement that’s just too long or maybe it’s too high or at an odd angle or how about those slightly incorrect measurements resulting in uneven cuts? Sometimes getting an accurate measurement can be hard to achieve especially when you’re dealing with limited and complicated spaces in your workplace.

The good thing is that you can obtain measurements perfectly with a laser distance measure to ease your frustration. Quickly measure any space without difficulty as we have reviewed to you the five best laser distant measures in the market. We’ll give you the best options and find the one that suits your needs and budget.

Bosch Blaze and Laser Distance MeasureCHECK PRICE
Enforcer II Tint Tool Laser Distance MeterCHECK PRICE
Leica Disto Laker Distance Measure.CHECK PRICE
Dewalt Laser Distance MeasureCHECK PRICE
Compact Laser Range MeterCHECK PRICE
  1. Bosch Blaze and Laser Distance Measure


This laser distance measure can measure up to 165 feet and it is equipped with Bluetooth and a full color display screen. The Bosch Blaze Laser Distance Measure also offers a backlit color display with large numbers so you can see measurements, letters, and words to provide you simplicity when using its array of features.

You can then digitally transfer the measurements to a smartphone or tablet through the Bluetooth function. You just need to access the measure on application via your smart device and you can easily obtain the measurements from the laser measure device. It’s ideal for capturing those perfect measurements on the job.

With the Bosch Blaze, you’ll be able to get the length needed without the fuss of using a tape measure. Measuring functions of this laser distance measure gives multiple modes including area, distance, length and volume. You can measure anywhere and it can be measured directly by using the Pythagorean Theorem.

Measure distance precisely with its laser measure accuracy of a one sixteenth of an inch. The Bosch Blaze also features of built-in in km that allows the user to determine the angle of pitch and confirm on the tools level. So worry no more in measuring stakeouts for it includes a stakeout measurement that pinpoints reoccurring marks along the line.

The Bosch Blaze Laser distance measure is a handy pocket sized design that only five ounces. It allows the device to be placed in a tool belt or your pocket for easy accessibility one on the job.

Overall, this device will improve the way you take complicated traditional measurements whether at home or at work. It’s very well-designed, compact and easy to use simplifying your tasks.


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Measure anywhere.
  • Stake out mode.
  • Jobsite ready.


  • It is expensive.


  1. Enforcer II Tint Tool Laser Distance Meter.


The distance measure has a range of up to 150 feet and is designed to provide the easiest measurements from all orientations. The Enforcer Tool Laser Distance Meter is built around standard tool plastic and has a protective over mold on each of the four side edges so you can rest assured it will be protected in most drop situations and from tough job site conditions.

One of the best features of this laser distance measure is the 2 inch color screen that offers maximum visibility especially in low light conditions. Its features are simplified for a user interface that’s been designed from the ground up for fast navigation so users can quickly choose their function and take a measurement with minimal downtime.

At first glance, the Enforcer Laser Distance Meter looks a little complicated because you have seven buttons to work with. However, two of these buttons serve the same function in the center is your standard measurement storage button. But Enforcer also includes one on the side. That’s helpful when you need to measure against walls and that measurement storage button is rather inconvenient.

Having a hard time measuring corners? Well, the other innovation on the Enforcer laser distance meter is the corner lever. This symbol feature to give you a contact point corners and automatically adjust the measurement to account for its length, so you’ll be able to measure corners accurately.

Aside from measurements, the laser distance meter also offers several different functions that will allow you to add and subtract values and calculate linear distance, surface area, total area and volume.

For most interior work where a laser distance meter is a useful tool, the Enforcer laser Distance Meter finds a nice middle ground between range, accuracy and features by keeping the price under $100. For design purposes though the laser distance measure does a nice job with solid accuracy at a reasonable price.


  • Backlit color screen.
  • Side-shot.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Not 100% accurate.


  1. Leica Disto Laker Distance Measure.


It can measure a distance of up to 650 feet which is perfect for people who do larger jobs. While measuring those long distances, you may sometimes have a hard time looking at the target. Good thing that the Leica Disto laser distance measure allows you to see, target and measure over long distances in a bright sunlight through its color point finder display with 4 x Zoom.

It’ll surely ease your problem by measuring those longer distances accurately. When it comes to its operating concept, the Disto laser distance measure is inspired by the modern logical operation of mobile phones. It has Bluetooth Smart technology which means it can be used with a variety of Apple and Android devices particularly smartphones and pads.

Take your measurement tabulation easily by transferring it to a mobile device for secure safekeeping. It also incorporates multiple units of measurement including metric, decimal, values, yards, feet inches, fractions or any different unit unique.

The Leica Disto is seventy has a 360 degree tilt sensor. Measure angles and horizontal distances with this tilt sensor. It allows you to measure height profiles by horizontal distances simply and rapidly and the height differences are recorded. Use it with a tripod to make the distance measuring for longer distances even easier.

To do outside measuring, this is the one you need. The laser distance measure is not only waterproof, but also dust and shot proof. It can withstand different weather conditions and can also be used to deliver accurate results every time. The only downside to this measure is the battery does drain very quickly. Despite that, you can still rely on its accuracy and reliability.


  • Color point finder.
  • Bluetooth smart.
  • 360 degrees tilt.
  • Dust tight.


  • None.


  1. Dewalt Laser Distance Measure.


From the makers of various types of power tools, you can never go wrong in choosing this measure from Dewalt. It ensures that their tools accessories and service are designed to ensure confidence for the toughest job site conditions.

The model of Dewalt Laser Distance measure features a large three line backlit display that’s visible in both dim and bright conditions. A high contrast screen provides visibility in various lighting conditions and it’s also perfect for outside use. The laser distance measurement device can also take measurements of a range of 330 feet.

Make your life easier with this device because you can estimate and calculate the area and by in calculations automatically and quickly with the triangular area function. You can also perform simple addition and subtraction functions on the device. Distances are displayed in feet, inches for meters.

It features i- kilometer that you can use as a virtual level to calculate ongoing vertical and horizontal distances. It also displays continuous measurement tracking that quickly finds that distance from the target to easier measuring tasks.

The Dewalt Laser Distance measure also features a tool Kinect app to help you ease the tabulation of data when measuring and air some other great features like battery ratings and tool location. Plus, the device’s memory can store the last 20 measurements and calculations.

The product comes in a three year limited warranty to ensure the quality and accuracy of your device when something unexpected might happen. All that said, the Dewalt laser distance measure seems helpful for many applications whether horizontal or vertical measurements. The Bluetooth connectivity and online measurement storage. Are a great way to stay organized.


  • 3 line backlit display.
  • Durable design.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Class 2 laser.


  • None.


  1. Compact Laser Range Meter.


Unlike the laser distance measures earlier, this device is smaller in size as the name suggests. The compact laser range meter is a universal laser distance meter used mainly in interior environments. It can accurately measure a distance range of up to 200 feet quite long enough for compact size of this device.

The screen comes backlit for those dimly-lit situations especially when measuring in very small spaces. The readings are crisp and clear yet not oversized for its size. Minimal controls are one of the features for a much simpler look that won’t complicate your needs.

Its main buttons are on off, a button for measuring distance and a button for toggling area or unit measurements. The Hilti compact laser range meter like the others also has an accuracy of a sixteenth of an inch which is great for smaller sized laser distance measures. Plus, Hilti offers to year no cost wear and tear coverage, 20 year limited warranty of defects in materials or workmanship all for your added peace of mind.

The Hilti compact laser range meter also features an addition of the area measurement function that’ll increase the benefit of the tool just like any other laser distance measure. This is a great tool for estimating and getting measurements remotely and works well whether it’s interior or exterior. If you’re looking for compact reliable and long lasting laser distance measure especially for indoor use, you can’t go wrong with a Hilti compact laser range meter.


  • Fits in most pockets.
  • 3 simple buttons.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Compact laser.


  • Expensive.

Best Laser Measures Buyer’s Guide

Not all laser measures are the same. Several factors should be taken into consideration before you decide to get yourself one of these handy gadgets. Every tool person wants a long-lasting tool that will save on the hassle of going for a second purchase either because the one they had broke down or does not fully work as intended. This is why this buyer guide covers on all you need to check out for, before purchasing a laser measure.


To avoid regrets and disappointments, how accurate the range of the laser measure should be on your bucket list of considerations. The accuracy of laser measures differs from one measure to another. Get one that fulfils your daily need by considering the type of range you normally measure.

It is advisable to get one that can measure long distances as you never know, that need might arise in future. An exact laser measure can end up being redundant in your garage if you purchase an exact one or small.

Your laser measure should measure over 100 ft seamlessly. If you decide to choose a laser measure that can cover ranges of over 250-300 ft, be wary of the brand. There are some cheap brands that provide laser measures that cover long ranges, but the quality and accuracy of readings is wanting.

Extended Battery Life

Most portable laser measures are battery-operated. This only means they can drain at any time while you’re in the midst of important work. In order to avoid disappointments and postponements of work, go for a laser measure with extended battery life.

Of course, there are companies that promise over ten thousand measurements and others five thousand. But just to be on the safer side, again go for a reputable brand and always carry extra batteries that is if you’re intend to measure very large scale measurements,

Smart Features & Bluetooth Connectivity

Traditional lasers can be tedious and time-consuming since you will have to put down all the measurements on paper then do the calculations separately. They are very frequent with inaccuracies and inconsistency. Modern laser measures are the latest trend in town because they come equipped with smart features and APPs that makes your work easier.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to transfer all the recording to your phone and the APPs will do the calculations and estimates for you. For instance, if you want to paint your garage floor, you can easily get complex calculations like the volume of the paint needed for the entire floor.

A laser measure with smart features comes with added benefits and advantages. You will also keep all the measurements for future reference and at no time will you worry about losing information that could otherwise be lost if you jot down on paper.

Longevity & harsh environments

You probably won’t need your laser tool for indoor use only. This is because most projects are usually done outdoors or jobsite. On a busy work site with a lot of workers, not so much attention is taken on specific tools. There is always a tool or two falling down. This can lead to the tool being damaged.

This is common to laser measures too. Choose one that has strong materials and well-secured so that in case of accidents, your measure will be working perfectly without getting damaged. The same applies to choosing a laser measure that is dust-proof, water-proof among others. This will ensure you use the laser measure for years without needing to replace one because of damages.


Laser measures are normally constructed small and lightweight for easier storage and carrying it around. There are some companies that have advanced on this a little by adding attachment straps that can be easily attached on the shirt to avoid risk of losing it or leaving it on the jobsite. Some are also equipped with extra pouches to enable carrying around even easier.

Size and ergonomics

With so many tools at the jobsite, some of it including the small ones can get lost. This is why it is so important to look for a type of laser measure that will fit your pockets perfectly and possibly has grips so that you can attach it to the pockets of your shirt or even your trousers. This way, your expensive laser will not stand a chance of being stolen or lost.


With so many different types of laser measures from different companies out there, it can be pretty difficult to know the best one. Some people end up purchasing very expensive laser measures and get really disappointed with the results. But the ones we have reviewed are the best of the best in terms of what you need to look for in a laser measure.

The amount spend on a laser depends on how you intend to use it for. For instance, if you want it for daily jobs, then you better choose a more expensive ones that will cost about $400 and if it is a typical garage tool, choose  a lesser expensive one.



There you go, the five best laser distance measures. Choosing which distance measure to suit your needs will save you from hassles and difficulties when measuring. Having the right tool will provide more accurate precise results that’s excellent for construction and engineering tasks. These are all great tools for measuring spaces and it’s easier than using a tape measure.


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