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5 Best Multi Tools on the Market: Reviews & Buyer Guide

Working on a field or job site requires a lot of equipment. Hence the need for an efficient multi tool that can do a lot of functions, one that’s not only convenient but handy. A multi tool is a versatile equipment that allows you to accomplish a lot of tasks. You can use it to make large holes, cut wood, saw metal and even drywall. It makes plunge cuts easier than ever.

A multi tool is an excellent item which offers convenience and you can bring it with you anywhere you go because it fits easily in a bag, purse or even your pocket. This equipment is also applicable for hunting and camping and it’s a must-have for every scout. It is in fact a basic tool for survival. We have reviewed the best multi tools fit for you.

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  1. Gerber Center Drive 14 Tool Multi- Tool Pliers with Sheath.


It’s ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. This multi tool yields a revolutionary design that you’ll surely love. Notice how it looks like a screwdriver when its center access driver opens.

It also brings maximum rotation and torque. The outboard blade is longer by 30%. The sliding jaws on the other hand can be accessed by one hand it offers a lot of features such as a one thumb opening system, serrated blade, bottle opener, fabric sheath, file blade and a lot more. The sliding jaws of the needle nose pliers can be opened by one hand and it also contains a full sized 3.20 inches plain edge blade, a ply bar together with a nail puller and all a flathead and Phillips bits.

It’s close to length is 4.7 inches while the open length is 6.6 inches. It has a tool lock and lanyard hole. This heavy duty pocket tool box is one for the books and allows you to do activities with ease. Whether you’re cutting ice or boxes, it does the work. However it’s a bit of a challenge if you aim to cut a power cord cable.

The main blade is not designed to do that much work. There are instances where the tool creaks when opening the bit holder. And also there’s tendencies where the tools can rust after several uses.


  • One-thumb opening system.
  • Magnetic flathead.
  • Serrated blade.
  • Rotatable


  1. Victorinox Swiss Army Tool.


This tool ensures functionality and durability. The equipment tied in this tool is being held together by individual springs which also helps you access things individually. It features its lock and release system which aims to lock each tool when opened.  The release system works when you fold away the tool by sliding the dedicated release button.

It has a lightweight design making it a compact item that you can bring anywhere you go. Each tool is polished and tempered so that it turns out to be corrosion resistant and achieves the required hardness.

It’s made of high quality steel which boasts a lot of functions such as the long nose and standard pliers, keychain, a hook remover, fish scaler, saw knife and two files. Of course, it contains a wire cutter a medium and a large slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, a bottle and can opener which we see often in multi tools.

Sharpening and cleaning are just as easy with this item as well. A Whetstone is a great start and re sharpening your knife. If you’re sharpening it on a grinding wheel, always see to it that you cool it with plenty of water to prevent excessive temperatures and damages. After each use of the tool, make it a routine of opening and closing the particular tool you used in warm water so that it works swiftly on the next use.

Once dried, apply a small amount of oil between the spring blade and tool shank. It’s a good practice to maintain this locking mechanism. A Swiss Army knife oil is being sold separately.


  • Ergonomic handle shape.
  • Multi-purpose tool.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Easy to use.


  1. SOG Baton Q3 Multi-Tool.


This equipment is ideal to use in the wilderness. It’s a great help for modern users. It functions as a real quality tool that will surely fit the lifestyle of the user. It’s designed for everyday use and each tool serves a different purpose and it’s engineered to endure tough situations.

Lightweight and easy to carry, it fits in your purse, bag and pocket. If you want it to be always within your reach, place it in your pants pocket or in a pen slot inside your bag. Design wise, it displays a sleek and minimalist style. It wears a black and grey finish.

This tool is made of a stainless steel blade. All around steel construction delivers excellent edge retention and sharpening ability. And it’s also highly corrosion-resistant. Its height and thickness portray a marker and its overall length is five point eight inches and weighs six ounces.

Buton contains various functions starting with its standard features such as a small and medium flat screwdrivers, pliers, Phillips screwdriver, three-sided file and wire cutters. It also has a jewellery driver bolt and nut gripper, straight blade and a chisel for wood cutting. Of course, a multi tool will not be complete without a can and bottle opener as its basic function.

Some tools are difficult to open and have instances where some users experience a hard time opening the accessory tool using fingernails. However, it’s all precisely made and it deploys pretty fast most of the time.


  • Slim and sleek form factor.
  • Strong aluminum body.
  • Steel blade.
  • Elegant design.


  1. Leatherman Micra Keychain Multi Tool.


This multi tool is best for hobbyists, anglers and people who were in the spring scissors it features 10 helpful functions that are jampacked in one excellent tool. This compact Leatherman tool is ideal for a sewing kit, pocket, fanny pack, purse, key chain and a tackle box.

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion as well. It it’s closed length is 2.5 inches with a blade length of 1.6 inches. It’s lightweight at 1.8 ounces and it’s engineered with a key ring attachment making it a tool that’s always within your reach.

The body part of this product is made of stainless steel while the handle is created with aluminum. Choose among the variants of screwdrivers it offers. It has a flat and Phillips screwdriver, medium screwdriver and another extra small screwdriver. It also functions as a spring action scissor, ruler, nail file, nail cleaner a bottle opener and tweezer.

Indeed it’s efficient for your daily routines whether you’re at home or outdoors traveling or camping. This Leatherman multi tool is made in the USA and the carrying brand ensures you have 25 years limited warranty service. It’s a pretty great offer since all you need to do is send the item over and they’ll fix it for you.


  • Fit more functionality.
  • Ready for anything.
  • One personal tool.
  • Always on hand.


  1. Ozark Trail Multi Tool.


It’s the best tool for one who often goes outdoors and is fond of using many different types of tools. It features 17 items offering a variety of functions that will surely be of help to you whether you’re in the camp, trail or plainly working at a job site.

Among its standard functions are pliers, long nose, large and medium screwdriver and a wire cutter. It also yields a can and bottle opener as well. It has a Phillips screwdriver, a saw, knife, a fish scalar, ruler, two sets of files book remover and a key chain. This multi tool is made out of metal and it’s engineered with a solid construction which can probably explain why it seems a bit heavy for some experienced users.

The knife and blade are perfectly sharpened to provide you with high quality results. It also comes with a nylon sheath that make sure to hold the multi tool for a long time. If you’re able to attach the sheath to your belt loop, then be careful about fitting it in as there’s some instances that the stitches can come out. Also, carefully closed the player handle by turning it down before you put it back on the pouch then locked by the rivet.  Moreover, you may use the small round ring as a key chain. Lastly if you purchase, this item be mindful of acid indigestion is a health risk.


  • Ideal for someone who travels.
  • Large slotted screwdriver.
  • 17-in-1 multi tool.
  • Convenient.



So there you have it, the top five multi tools for you. Whichever you opt to get based on your standards, we hope that you find in our list the most efficient multi tool that fits your needs.

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