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5 Best OBD2 Scanner for all Cars: reviews & Buyer Guide

A car diagnostic tool is one of the most important tools to have for vehicle owners. It detects errors and vehicle problems firsthand, giving you a comprehensive idea of which service you should take at the car workshop. It does not merely save you from expensive costs, but provides a quality service in taking care of your car and you as the owner.

An Onboard Diagnostic Scanner supplies data on what causes the engine light to blink. If such a light occurs, it means that there is something wrong in one of the vehicle systems. An OBD Scanner 2 is an upgraded version and mostly features the complete function of a car diagnostic tool.

It reads and erases codes, provides a lot of data string and turns off the engine system. It checks on the airbag system, transmission system and anti-lock braking system. We have reviewed the five OBD2 scanner for you. Whether you need the best of the best or the most affordable option, we will relay all the best items for you.

Autel Autolink AL539 OBD2 ScannerCHECK PRICE
Seekone OBD2 Scanner.CHECK PRICE
FIXD OPD 2 Second Generation Active Car Health MonitorCHECK PRICE
Launch Creader 7 PlusCHECK PRICE

  1. Autel Autolink AL539 OBD2 Scanner.


This onboard diagnostic 2 scanner boasts having complete function of OPD 2 It is designed to diagnose a vehicle’s electrical system which also includes the direct current and alternating current voltage test, current test and continuity test. The cranking status is a reliable basis to help you decide if the starter voltage is normal or not.

It also diagnoses the charging system which gives you four results such as normal, high output, low output or excessive ripple. It has an emission status checker capability wherein you will be able to define your emission status or if you can pass the smog test.

It has a readiness monitor and oxygen sensor too that are listed as the most important functions to define if you have emission problems. Offered at a low price, this onboard diagnostic 2 scanner is a win-win. Its long cable and bright color display is a great feature for its kind. It best to share is to find errors and even turn off the clock and engine light.

It works with cars made since 1996. For instance, it can find a broken catalytic converter in a clogged exhaust gas free circulation valve which can possibly cost you a huge amount for repairs. Autel offers 12 month warranty and the lifetime software update it has built-in speakers, DTC look up and printing functions via PC.


  • Printing functions via PC.
  • Emission status check.
  • Lifetime free update.
  • DTC lookup.


  1. Seekone OBD2 Scanner.


This item is an enhanced version of the SCA 860 code reader that is primarily designed for the engine system. It features the full onboard diagnostic two functions that diagnose car related troubles which come from the vehicle’s electronic control unit. It detects the errors which cause the engine light to make a warning.

This car diagnostic tool will help you track what is the main problem and how to fix your car. It helps you to diagnose the problems firsthand, avoiding you blindly taking the car for maintenance at a car workshop. It has one default key to read the emission status and even a race the fault codes.

With this tool, you will be able to turn off the malfunction indicator lamp and reset the motor. After reading, it quickly shows the diagnostic trouble codes. It also reads freeze frame data such as airflow, vehicle speed, engine coolant temperature and fuel trim.

This tool also caters to the eve app test intended for a fuel tank system. The onboard monitoring and the oxygen sensor test it displays live sensor reading that is in graph in text form which supports 4 unique parameters.

Seekone has battery voltage checking capability to inform you of battery aging or if there are a possible alternator malfunctions. It can retrieve the vehicle identification number and offers a lifetime one click smart update. This product is compatible with gasoline vehicles near 2000 US based, 2000 Europe based and 2003 Asian cars.

The tool is offered in eight languages. It only works in vehicles with 12 volt batteries and 16 pin onboard diagnostic tool protocol only. It does not work with electric and hybrid vehicles.


  • Full onboard diagnostics.
  • Solve engine problems.
  • Essential scan tool.
  • LED monitors.


  1. Autophix OBD Mate OMI26 OPD2.


It is considered as the vehicle doctor for BMW cars with the model year from 1996 up to the present. It offers full functions of an onboard diagnostic to tool. It reads and erases fault codes, reads version information and data stream. It is brake auto bleed and adjustment steering angle sensor at SRS. The SRS crash data accurately reads and erases the airbag system error code and even turns off the warning light for the airbag.

It detects the possible danger caused by malfunction of the airbag after a collision. The brake auto bleed or the ABM function retrieves and clears error codes. It also displays the module information and data streams. This function will also help you get the trapped air in the ABM actuated module during bleeding of the brake lines.

It is to make sure that the repairs made are completed and effective. The steering angle sensor calibration stores the presence steering wheel position. Its electronic parking brake works with the electronic braking system. It activates and deactivate the brake control system assist in the brake fluid control displays the diagnostic on the opening and closing brake pads and sets brakes after replacement.

It also reads clears and retrieves fault codes. This tool has diesel particulate filter service wherein it retrieves and traces DPF related codes and resets the DPF light after filter replacement.

Autophix has a function that allows battery evaluation and even charges the battery through the diagnostic socket. You’ll know when to change oil via this amazing diagnostic tool. Its engine oil life system calculates and reminds you when to change engine oil and the filter is based on vehicle use.


  • Onboard diagnostic 2 tool.
  • Detects possible danger.
  • Steering angle sensor.
  • Brake auto bleed.


  1. FIXD OPD 2 Second Generation Active Car Health Monitor.


Clear your engine light with FIXD. Check the diagnosis and read the severity of the existing issue when your engine with this convenient car tool. It simplifies the diagnosis and provides an easy fix to lessen your trips to car workshops. It even gives you an estimate repair cost.

The diagnostic tool is regarded as the trusted choice among car professionals. It is designed in the United States of America with a team effort of professional engineers. Via the app, you’ll get lab diagnostic data, freeze frame data and vehicle maintenance reminders. You’ll get to enjoy all the capabilities and features of a high end scan tool at an affordable cost. The convenient FIXD app and the FIXD onboard diagnostic to sensor is a perfect pair.

The code reader is portable and lightweight while the sensor is connected to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. In a matter of seconds, it will provide you the results and resources. This compact scan tool is compatible with gas powered vehicles that are made after 1996.

It also works well with the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Maximize this tool’s potential by exploring it in-app experience. Enjoy services such as unlimited calls to the fix mechanic hotline.

If you want to seek an opinion from a network of automotive service excellent certified mechanics or make a cost estimate for repairs through the ID database. You can also get cashback for every scheduled visit you set. There are more premiums as you can explore for using the sensor.


  • Does not require charging.
  • Tracks multiple vehicles.
  • Check engine light.
  • Mileage detection


  1. Launch Creader 7 Plus.


It is an upgraded diagnostic scan tool that offers complete onboard diagnostic two functions. It is compliant to vehicles made from 1996 and access is the transmission and engine systems. It also troubleshoot for the supplemental restraint system which is also known as the airbag system and the anti-lock braking system.

Primarily, it caters for system diagnosis such as read in a race codes, few life data stream and turn off the engine system. For the engine system, it simply helps you to determine the cause of the engine light to blink. If the warning light prompts, it means there is something wrong with the system.

With this tool, you will be able to check real time operating conditions of your anti braking system, detect the status of the transmission system and know what causes it to have an error. With early detection, you can have it repaired at a minimal cost. This tool is also capable of reading and clearing the codes for the airbag system.

It allows you to read the data to make sure the SRS is performing well. It has an ergonomic handheld user friendly design with 3.5 inch display, easy-to-use buttons and durable wear resistant casing. It boasts its responsive operating system and user friendly interface.

Launch Creader has a built in DTI library and multilingual menu. This car diagnostic scan tool supports data playing and recording. A lifetime software update is offered for free.


Best OBD2 Scanners Buyer’s Guide

With so many different types of OBD2 scanners on the market, it can be quite challenging selecting the right one. To help ease on that we have the bet buying guide on what you need to look out for when choosing a scanner that works best for your vehicle type.

There are a lot of different things to look for when you are going to buy a scanner. The process can be quite confusing but do not worry, and You will find all the information you need here.


This is probably the most important feature you need to take into account before purchasing OBD2 scanner. You don’t want to buy a scanner and later find out that it is not compatible with the make of your vehicle.

While most OBD2 scanners were made to read cars from 1995 upwards, it is likely that you will not get the advantage of other units in the car such as the transmission unit, ABS or even the airbag units.

Make sure you choose wisely and be keen on the information provided. It is always indicated that the scanner supports all vehicle types. For instance, all the ones we have reviewed above are compatible to all types of car. If you’re still unsure, you can also give the manufacturer a call just to confirm.


This is another important factor that needs to be put into consideration while purchasing an OBD2 scanner. There are other scanners that have only limited functions like basic codings only.  These types tend to be cheaper at most.

However, if you want to enjoy the full benefits of an OBD2 scanner, then you will have to choose a more expensive one. We recommend to go for the expensive ones because they are very efficient and will save a ton in the long run.


While we recommend you choose an expensive OBD2 scanner, also make sure you are not exploited. Don’t be cheated by the big brand names that make very expensive ones just for the name. During out thorough review and research, we found some cheap ones that work as much as the expensive ones.

Up-t-o-date Softwares

Scanners with regular updates are the best when it comes to a time where you change a car. The OBD2 should be compatible with the new car as well. This will save you the trouble of getting a new one.

Another thing to note too is that not all companies offer lifetime warranty. Just to be on the safe side, make sure it comes with lifetime warranty that won’t expire or will require you to renew it monthly. This can be so inconveniencing in cases where you might forget to update.


Just like any other electronic gadgets, OBD2 scanners are also not special and they can get damaged any time. This is why it is important that it has warranty coverage in case it gets damaged in any way. Also, things like money back guarantee is important in case you are not happy with the purchase and need to purchase a new one.


There you have it, the top five OBD2 scanners for you. Whichever you opt to get based on your standards, we hope you find it in our list of next car diagnostic tools you’ll purchase for your vehicle and personal safety.

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