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Are Infrared Heaters Good for Garage?

Yes, infrared heaters are perfect for garages. Adding garage heating is increasingly becoming common among homeowners. Many families barely use their garage room only to park their cars or for storage.

Nowadays, garages are play areas, laundry rooms, and garage workshops, and some people also do garage conversions and transform these rooms into attractive living areas.

Although the garage has become an extended living room for the family, chilly temperatures make it less habitable, particularly during winter. However, this issue can be fixed using an infrared heater. Read on to understand more about this great device.

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What’s an Infrared Heater?

Infrared heaters generate heat that’s similar to the sun. You cannot perceive infrared light as it’s beyond the specter we see. This invisible light is swallowed up by the skin, apparel, and other items.

It’s usually warmer when you’re in direct sunlight than in the shade. It’s because the shade obstructs a lot of light. An infrared heater in your household will only warm places that are directly in front of it, similar to the sun.

Generalizing infrared heaters is difficult because there are numerous diverse specifications. You can power these gadgets using electricity, propane, or natural gas. Heaters have diverse controls, different designs, and maximum output levels.

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However, there are a couple of benefits and drawbacks that apply to every infrared heater. Infrared heaters are increasingly becoming a well-known way for people to warm up their households and workplaces during the chilly winter months. It’s a heating option that you should take into account.

Let’s now take a look at the benefits of using an infrared heater to heat your garage.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Infrared Heater?

Whether you have a warehouse, a large manufacturing industry, or a small garage, infrared heaters aren’t only more effective, they also offer a much cozier atmosphere than traditional air heating systems.

Heat Up Instantly And Fast

Infrared heaters give off a beam of infrared rays that heat directly by dispersing a bundle of steady steam heat particles without losing too much heatwave. If you get into your garage, the infrared heater will immediately warm you.


Just like the conventional heaters, an infrared heater doesn’t have an in-built fan as they give off heat energy in waves. Therefore, if you need a quiet garage, infrared heaters are the best bet.


Infrared heaters don’t introduce any type of pollutants to the surroundings. They work without any carbon footprint, there are no open flames, and don’t require fuel to operate them. They neither take anything from the air nor discharge anything to it.

Require Less Maintenance

Infrared heaters need minimal maintenance as they don’t have moving parts and have no motor or air filters that require replacement. The only thing you need to do is clean the reflectors intermittently for the appliance to work well.


An infrared heater doesn’t waste thermal energy by warming the whole room. Infrared heaters work instantly as they heat a particular region. They transmit heat waves at a ratio of 1:1 because heat is directed to where you’re in the garage. Therefore, operating an infrared heater is inexpensive as compared to other conventional heaters.

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Limited Circulation Of Air And Swirling Dust

Since infrared heaters warm objects, there’s minimal air circulation taking place in the garage. It implies that dust doesn’t spin up, like in conventional heaters.

The other drawback of traditional heaters is the formation of condensation on the walls. It leads to mold and bacteria on the walls. Infrared heaters can eliminate this.

Saves Room

Infrared heaters are attached to the ceiling. The heaters have a wide range in the room because the radiation angle is around 170 degrees.

However, that’s not the only reason why it’s attached to the ceiling. It also saves space. Radiators can only be attached to the wall, but in the case of an infrared heater, the ceiling is the best place to mount it as it saves room. Therefore, the room can be organized effectively and will be roomy.

Drawbacks Of Infrared Heaters


Infrared heaters’ coils become extremely sultry and can be risky to use in your garage if there are kids or pets around. However, as the use of infrared heaters in the garage increases, firms are starting to produce much safer options.

Some infrared heaters are enclosed in cool-to-the-touch storage closetsand dissipate heat using the fan.  Nowadays, more conventional designs have an auto shut-off and emergency tip-over button for extra safety.

Unluckily, infrared heaters still emit that frightening orange-red glow!

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Restricted Warming

For some, warming one region at a time may not be perfect, and it could feel restricted, particularly if you move around the room a lot. Radiant heat is only transmitted in a straight line and, therefore, many people may not benefit from the infrared heater simultaneously.

Although some are sufficiently warm to heat a whole room, they work well on things in their immediate proximity.

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Ceases Heating When Immediately Switched Off

Infrared heaters begin working immediately after switching on. However, they also stop warming as soon as you turn them off. Because the air in the room isn’t heated, the room loses warmth fast.

In comparison, an oil-infused heater keeps on heating even if the device is turned off as it takes some time for the warm oil to cool down. Infrared heaters consume minimal energy. Therefore, it’s still the most affordable and energy-effective choice, particularly if you don’t require heating the whole room for an extended period.

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Bottom Line

Infrared heaters have numerous costs and wellness benefits. It offers cozier warmth as it doesn’t warm the air and is inexpensive and effective to use. Thanks to new safety functions, numerous models are safe to use in your garage even if kids and pets are there.

Other types of heating work best to provide a constant source of heat. However, if you want to warm a particular area fast, infrared heaters are for you!


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