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Best Airless Paint Sprayers for DIY: Reviews & Buyer Guide

Whenever you’re facing a painting project whether it’s for your house, garage, car or other larger, objects using rollers and brushes might not be enough to do the trick. And they’re certainly going to take a lot longer. This is where a paint sprayer can come to the rescue.

Aside from the amazing fact that it can help you save a lot of your precious time and energy, it can also paint, treat and stain up to four times faster than any other traditional method.

Airless sprayers are pressured streams of paint or stain that do not rely on airflow to force the material out of the sprayer, making them extremely portable. And since it’s airless, it eliminates the chance of air mixing with the paint or sealant thus providing a smoother bolder finish than their counterparts.

Well, if you’re interested in getting one of these airless sprayers, but not sure which one to buy, I have reviewed five best airless sprayers to make your painting experience a whole nother level.


  1. Graco Magnum 17G180 ProX19 Airless Paint Sprayer.


Best known for its Pro X Change pump system and its ability to spray on thin paint, the Pro X 19 can support up to 150 feet of paint hose and supports larger tip sizes for spraying heavier coatings. The Pro X Change pump replacement system allows you to replace the pump on the job with no tools letting you get the work done in less time.

You can spray directly from a one or five gallon bucket with its flexible suction tube and clean up in no time with a power flush adapter. In addition, it has a fully adjustable pressure to give you the ultimate control of paint flow for any project size.

The RAC for switched hip allows you to reverse the tip when clogged to keep spraying, and the SG3 metal spray gun with built in swivel and handle filter blocks debris to prevent clogs.

What’s more is it comes with a power flush adapter that connects to a garden hose for fast and easy cleaning, a prime button for fast and reliable startup as well as a convenient aluminum card that allows you to have a smoother movement of the sprayer.

It includes the SG3 metal spray gun with the built-in swivel, an RAC4 515 switch tip, 50 feet of Dura flex paint hose, pump armor storage and the Pro Series line of sprayers is ideal for property and contractor jobs. These sprayers are an excellent solution for improving your efficiency when spring up to 500 gallons per year.


  • Adjustable spray.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Spray unthinned paint.
  • Flexible suction tub.


  1. Wagner Control Pro 190 High Efficiency Airless Sprayer.


The Wagner controlled pro high efficiency sprayer will surely take away the fear of airless spring making it easier for you to paint like a pro. With its highly efficient airless system New Tip technology, over spray decreases by up to 55% providing you with softer spray, improved control and a more consistent finish.

The control pro 1 90 has a flow rate of .4GBM and can accommodate up to 0.9 inches of tip. This unit comes with a 515 control pro tip and tip guard along with 50 feet of hose. This paint sprayer applies a consistent high quality finish on larger home improvement projects such as decks, garages, fences, exterior, House siding, interior walls and more.

This control pro sprayer has a max operating pressure of 1600 PSI that can spray up to 500 gallons per year. It also features an all metal gun and utilizes a 50 foot hose to spray even the biggest projects easily.

It also has a durable sturdy paint spray gun with a point seven horsepower pump that can spray on thin paint and stain material. It can last up to three times against competitive sprayers.

Last but not least, it has a long lasting spray system. It features a rebuildable fluid section that maximizes sprayer life and is backed by the industry’s best and most extended warranty.


  • Can spray unthinned coating.
  • Includes control pro tip.
  • Easier to paint.
  • Softer spray.


  1. Titan Controlmax 1500 High Efficiency Airless Sprayer.


Just like the Wagner control pro 190, the Titan Controlmax 1500 is also helped to take the fear out of airless spraying make it easier for you to spray like a pro. It’s high efficiency airless systems new technology decreases the over spray by 55%, while providing a softer spray, improved control and more consistent finish.

The HEA pump is durable and a powerful sprayer that can spray on thin coatings with a rebuild will fluid section that maximizes the sprayer’s life. The Titan Controlmax 1500 airless sprayer provides serious do it yourselfers and handyman high output with more control and less mass.

It can be used not only in interior, but also exterior jobs with on thin paints stains and with walls ceilings or other surfaces. The Titan Controlmax 1500 sprays up to a point to nine gallons per minute through the 515 spray tip, and it has an adjustable pressure from the point 5.5 horsepower motor.

Additionally, different HEA sized tips are sold separately to match your coding and project needs. The sprayer pulls paint directly from a one or five gallon bucket and for at your convenience. And when you’re done spraying you can store your tips and tools in an integrated storage.

Not only that, this durable powerful sprayer last up to three times longer than other competitive sprayers. It comes back by the industry’s best longest two year warranty.


  • Perfect for painting big projects.
  • Use 515 tip for paints.
  • Easier to paint.
  • Long-lasting.


  1. Homeright Power- Flow Pro Airless Paint Sprayer.


Large household projects are no longer intimidating, thanks to the Homeright Power- Flow Pro 2800. It’s the perfect paints prayer for a homeowner to accomplish all year DIY projects without having to hire a professional. By painting and staining projects yourself, you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars and walk away with a beautiful finish.

The Homeright Power- Flow Pro 2800is ideal for spring unfound latex and oil-based paints, stains and sealers. The pressure of this 2800 PSNI allows you to tackle large projects quickly and with professional results. It applies an even coating to uneven surfaces which makes it the go to option when painting your home exterior, garage, shed or fence.

Assembling the power flow pro spray gun is quick and easy which means there’s more time for painting. A reversible spray tip is also included to remove any potential clogs. The pressure control knob allows the user more control over the Homeright Power- Flow Pro 2800by dialling in the perfect spray pattern.

Furthermore, moving the Homeright Power- Flow Pro 2800 is simple thanks to the top carry handle. The sprayer also draws paint directly from a one or five gallon can which allows for further portability. It’s undoubtedly easier to maneuver as it has a 25 foot long non-kink hose to reach your painting projects easily.

Finally the power flow pro is easy to clean after use. Simply run a cleaning solution of water or solvent through the sprayer and sell all the paint or stain is removed.


  • Chrome-plated spray gun.
  • 25 ft. airless spray hose.
  • Spray unthinned latex.
  • Manual included


  1. RyobiProtip Corded Sprayer.


This sprayer is uniquely designed with reversible spray tip for hassle free use. This paint sprayer was the very first to be fitted with a reversible tip. The design of the RyobiProtip lets you rotated 180 degrees to clear clogs quickly and rotate back to continue spraying so you can achieve the professional results you want at an affordable price.

Its one and a half court quick lock container quickly locks into place to help prevent spills and allow longer time between refills. Protip is ideal for a wide variety of painting or staining projects including decks, fences, garage doors, cabinets, closet doors, trim, storage, sheds or outdoor furniture.

It has a grip zone which provides optimum grip and user comfort, a noise reduction designed for quieter operation, a unique filter that’s designed to pick up paint with the lowest point for continuous spray, a quick lock container that easily locks into place to prevent spills, a tungsten carbide tip that sprays latex paint for stain and a two year limited warranty.

With this type of paint sprayer, one can effortlessly perform a job that’s comparable to a professional. The Ryobi brand of paint sprayers have been famous notches with users but also with reviewers and professionals. It’s an established brand for construction and painting hardware. As a respected brand with a wide range of products, it’s expected that their line of paint sprayers would cater to a wide range of users.


  • Noise reduction design.
  • Quick-lock container.
  • Paint like a pro.
  • 1800 PSI.

Best Airless Sprayer for DIY Buyer Guide.

Oftentimes, customers first purchase the units and then encounter separate issues that they didn’t know beforehand. We’re going to provide you with all the information you need, so that you will be able to purchase the right unit the first time round.

Airless sprayers are usually associated with high costs, but these expenses are offset with the effectiveness and efficiency of the machine. To make a sound investment, make sure you go through all the information first before you purchase your device.

There are four essential points I want to cover two there that allow you to avoid the major pitfalls that customers make and ultimately make the best investments you can on your machine.

Choose the right device for the right materials.

If you’re trying to save money with a smaller cheaper device, you might find that the actual device cannot handle the thick liquid that you’re using for your job. As a start, consult your technical data sheet which will have all the information you need on the required nozzle, gun and pressure for the liquid that you’re using.

Frequency of the units used and the job requirements relating to how big of an area you’re working on.

Generally speaking, if you have a big job that requires a large surface area and using a unit every single day, you’re going to want to choose a bigger high quality unit. Conversely, if you’re only using your device a few times a year and the projects are quite small, you’re going to opt for a cheaper smaller unit.

You can even consider purchasing a second hand one. You can think of this as much like a taxi driver that drives a Mercedes. Because the car’s being used every day, you want to make sure that you have a high quality machine to match the delivery rates that you want to use.

If you’re trying to save costs buying a smaller cheaper unit, you might run into trouble when the job requires a higher performing machine. If you’re a small business owner, you might be limiting the amount of job contracts you can take because you only have a smaller unit that won’t be able to handle the larger requirement needs.

Maintenance costs and repair costs.

This is often an overlooked factor by customers where they’re spend the initial money on their airless sprayer and then they don’t factor in that they’re going to have to be paying additional expenses to make sure that it’s running properly throughout the year.

A much simpler device is going to give you less issues which means that you have going to have a tradeoff between those devices that are high quality that won’t need as much repair and maintenance and a low quality device that might be a lot more simpler that you could even repair yourself, but might have to be maintained a lot more often.

Consider what spare parts and accessories you’re going to need.

Each sprayer will differ in how much maintenance will be required.  Nozzles, hoses, guns and filters are all replaceable at some point just like you would replace a spark plug in a car. To ensure your sperm performs well for many years, make sure those working parts are replaced as guidelines laid out in the technical data sheet.

Actual cost or the price tag of the device.

As we’ve looked at points 1, 2 and 3, the costs of the device is not just its price tag, but the maintenance costs and the repair costs on top of that. Of course, you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right advice for the right job and the right materials. When you put that all together, you’re going to have a great solid investment that’s going to produce a quality work that you’re looking for each time.



Painting can be a tedious task, but painting with an airless paint sprayer is a game changer. You’ll have fun because they’re so easy to use and most importantly, you’ll feel like a pro after you see the results.

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