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Best Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment (Reviewed 2021)

No matter the type of project you’re working on, the choice of tools can significantly affect the outcome of your work. Remember the old saying, show me your work and I’ll tell you about your tools? Exactly. When it comes to grease application, unless you’re a professional in this trade, a grease gun may come in as an option. However, they are absolutely a necessity if you’re looking to lubricate your car efficiently and in record time.

We’ve compiled the list of the five best grease guns on the market today. Whether you’re looking for the most technologically advanced, the most portable or the cheapest grease gun, we have the right product for you.

Best Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment

Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease GunCHECK PRICE
Milton Oil Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Aluminum Grease GunCHECK PRICE
Lumax Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun.CHECK PRICE
John Deere Pistol Grip Grease Gun.CHECK PRICE
Rexbeti 4500 PSA Grease Gun.CHECK PRICE
  1. Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun.


This beast of a machine is one of the best rated grease guns there is on the market. Capable of performing at a maximum of 6,000 PSI, Bravex grease gun is powerful enough to deliver Greece even to the most clogged joints. A good grease gun should allow for consistent grease flow and thanks to cold drawn steel to canisters and high pressure piston, the Bravex grease gun is able to accommodate high pressure which prevents grease leakage and expel air pockets during bulk application.

The 18 inch reinforced hose is super flexible and equipped with a five and a half hard metal extension tube to ensure that it penetrates even into the most squeezed places. Additionally, the no ma foot design also makes it easy to wrest the gun on flight services making it a breeze to use this tool.

Working with a 6,000 PSA takes a lot of elbow grease. However, Bravex non-slip rubber grip is ergonomically designed to provide higher resistance against friction making it easier to handle the grease gun. If you’re looking for a nifty grease gun, the Bravex professional pistol grease gun is the way to go. It has sturdy construction, is easy to handle and the results are truly impressive.


  1. Milton Oil Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Aluminum Grease Gun.


Heavy duty greasing calls for heavy duty grease gun. The Lucas Oil heavy duty pistol grip grease gun is another great product that makes it a piece of cake. It comes with a solid anodized aluminum barrel that makes it resistant to the highest pressure abuse. Other than that, the triple reinforced 12 flex hose and cast iron stout can produce six thousand Max CSI to deliver glorious amounts of grease to the toughest areas of a vehicle’s joints.

Another impressive feature of this grease gun is the 14 ounce cartilage. It pushes the versatility bar one notch higher as you can use the product as an all purpose greasing tool for trailers and agricultural machinery. Comfortability wise, no other tool does it better than the Milton Greasing Gun. The ergonomically designed T-handle is a smart move because it gives you more dexterity freedom as you grease your machines.

Moreover, the handles rubber coating is oil resistant and prevents the gun from gradual waning. If you’re looking for a heavy duty in portable grease gun, Milton Oil heavy duty pistol grip aluminum grease gun should be at the top of your list. It’s undoubtedly worth every buck considering it’s performance, construction and usability.


  1. Lumax Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun.


This deluxe grease gun pistol is a true definition of quality craftsmanship making it ideal for both home and professional use. For starters, it’s equipped with a heavy duty cast alloy head and heavy reinforced 1.3 millimeter thick steel barrel making it one of the most powerful and durable grease guns on the market.

And that’s not all. The 7,000 PSA operating pressure makes this tool an excellent ally when you’re looking to grease those squeezed car joints. It’s further enhanced by the air bleeder valve for air bubble expulsion and quick priming. You’ll also appreciate the grease gun’s three way loading system. It gives you the freedom to use the standard cartridge, suction or bulk fill which is a rare attribute another grease gun.

And since you’ll be working at different angles, the 18 inch flex hose is flexible and long enough giving you easy access to those hard to reach fittings. Plus the contoured handle is oil-resistant making it comfortable and firm to grip. If you’re looking for a grease gun with good looping ability, the deluxe pistol grease gun is a solid buy. It’s excellent in terms of pressure and the solid build will last a long time.


  1. John Deere Pistol Grip Grease Gun.- TY26517.


Built to withstand the festering demands of both agricultural and commercial users, this grease gun is the industry’s premier and agile performance and reliability. Thanks to the standard duty three jaw hydraulic coupler, the John Deere grease gun is capable of withstanding pressure of up to 5,000 PSR without a hitch. Additionally, the large diameter barrel and piston are built using industrial strength steel making the product durable as well as enhance its grease discharging capabilities even in extremely cold weather.

A consistent grease application is important to any moving parts. The newly improved plunger Rod design works together with the rubber follower in purging any trapped air in the grease resulting in a smoother flow. The quality of the Deer’s hose is unmatched. Measuring at 18 inches it has a minimum bend radius of one point five inches. Not only making it super flexible, but strong enough to withstand high pressure.

If you’re into dollar pinching, this grease gun is compatible with all the 14 ounce crease tubes meaning you can grease your vehicles without having to change the tubes. Needless to say, the handle is ergonomically designed for a firm grip and improve performance. This is the ideal tool if you’re looking for an effective bulk loading grease gun that can accommodate greased tubes from other manufacturers.


  1. Rexbeti 4500 PSA Grease Gun.


Considering the neck pain that comes with greasing, the aluminum gun’s barrel is lightweight compared to the traditional steel guns weighing in at just three pounds. But don’t let the Rexbeti’s lightweight nature fool you. The anodized canisters built with heavy duty aluminum giving the gun a solid construction. As a result you can trust this tool to deliver up to 4500 PSI operating pressure without accidentally bending the plunger.

Operating Rexbeti grease gun is pretty straightforward. The fun part is the fact that it comes with a two way loading system which includes the standard cartridge and the bolt mode. With these two options, you’ll have enough room for flexibility compared to one using a one way loading gun.

The 12 inch hose is further reinforced with anti-kinking coil spring meaning that it can stay intact no matter how you bend it when leaving those tight corners. Furthermore, the five and a half inch metal extension with coupler allows you to pump out the grease fire three different modes.  If you’re looking for a grease gun for light looping, Rexbeti is a perfectly acceptable tool. It’s small compact and easy to use.

Wrap Up.

Grease is an inexpensive commodity that extends the lifespan of your equipment and keeps it running strong. And for these two reasons you should try as hard as possible to invest in the highest quality lubricants and top grade grease. We hope that you found the grease gun of your choice on our list.

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