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Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint: Reviews & Buyer Guide

Heat guns are handheld devices that blow hot air ranging from between 100 and 550 degrees Celsius. They’re commonly used in removing paint and shrinking tubes. Maybe you’re wondering what you could possibly do with this tool other than these uses. Well, heat guns are pretty versatile tools. Although it’s not as popular as other hand tools that you often see on display racks and handyman, heat guns can be a great addition to your tool arsenal.

It can be used for several different do it yourself projects like making an embossed T-shirt, melting Kranz, aging galvanized metal and much more. It also works great as a tool for culinary creations. If you’re craving for some s’mores, no need to make a fire. Simply use a heat gun and let it do the work for you.

Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint

Milwaukee Dual Temperature Heat Gun.CHECK PRICE
Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun.CHECK PRICE
D26950 heat gun from Dewalt.CHECK PRICE
Master Appliance HG-201A Professional Heavy Duty Heat GunCHECK PRICE
Makita 13 AMP Variable Temperature Heat Gun-with case
  1. Milwaukee Dual Temperature Heat Gun.


This heat gun may look like a hairdryer, but it sure is a powerful heat-throwing machine. It comes equipped with dual temperature settings, 570 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit that are perfect for tackling a wide variety of light duty applications.

Its three position rocker style switch makes it easier to turn off the tool or switch from high to low temperature. This amazing product is engineered with a unique impact resistant heating element. It has a powerful motor that provides 14.8 CFM airflow to speed up the job.

Although it heats up fast and stays consistent, the Milwaukee dual temperature heat gun still stays cool despite continued use. It features a heat shield and stay cool handle it keeps the hands safe and cool even when working for extended hours. Safety comes first as they say.

As its construction, this heat gun is made of a rugged red colored ABS plastic with an easy hold handle that makes it easier to carry even for longer hours. The nozzle land is made of metal with a detachable plastic heat shroud. It also has an extra long eight foot cord that provides increased flexibility and extended reach.


  1. Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun.


Heavy duty heat gun with 117 different temperature settings, 6 fan speeds and 4 nozzles. The Furno 750 especially crafted for heavy do it yourselfers who need a reliable tool for their never-ending projects. It uses a ceramic heating element and as we mentioned has 117 different heat settings that can be adjusted in 10 degree increments from 125 to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

What consumers liked most about this heat gun is it releases 5100 BTUs at 1500 hundred watts of power smoothly and consistency. The Furno 750 s five fan settings and a cool down setting it further enhances its durability and longevity. Its ergonomic design and its soft grip handle remarkably increase user comfort and balance. It also reduces fatigue so you can finish more projects without stopping.

This heat gun also has an LED display screen with push button control that lets you check the settings quickly. It comes with a storage case with an angle lock feature that enables safe hands free work.

The slide bars on the gun are designed to prevent nozzles from touching your work surface. That way, you can avoid accidents or damaging your service. There’s also a hanging loop for easy storage after you’re done.

Along with the Wagner Furno 750 heat gun, the package includes four nozzles which are concentrator nozzle, curved deflector, nozzle flare, nozzle and glass protector nozzle as well as a five in one tool. Best of all, Wagner offers a five year limited warranty to ensure you won’t regret your purchase.


  1. D26950 heat gun from Dewalt.


A reliable tool for home and light commercial use the D26950 heat gun has variable temperature controls let you adjust the heat settings based on your applications. On the rear of the gun there is a large temperature control knob, that controls the temperature. It features a built in overload protection that ensures your safety and every operation.

This overload protection shuts the heating element down and prevents burn up to avoid damage to the motor and prolong the lifespan. Weighing just over two pounds, you’ll be amazed at how great this product works. It can provide heat between 120 and 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its internal components separate for easy and hassle free maintenance on both the motor and the heating element. A built in innovative kickstand enables you to stand the heat gun up and operate hands free so you going to accomplish other tasks at once.

This 1,550 what heat gun boasts a lightweight compact design that lets people of all ages use it without worrying about fatigue. Its ergonomic comfort grip provides maximum comfort even during longer hours of operation.

To further enhance its safety features, Dewalt equip this unit with a cord protector to keeps the 10 foot power cord from tearing away from the housing. No need to worry if you don’t have extra space in your toolbox because there’s a built in hanging ring on the gun that’s convenience for storage.

Dewalt is an American worldwide brand of power tools hand tools serving many households and job sites since 1924. If you want a heat gun that comes from a trusted brand, include the Dewalt D 26950 on your list.


  1. Master Appliance HG-201A Professional Heavy Duty Heat Gun.


Don’t get fooled by this product. It may look like a standard hairdryer, but this heat gun can tackle the most challenging tasks. Boasting a high temperature and power ratings of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 540 degrees Celsius at 1,740 Watts, the 14 and a half AMP heavy duty master heat gun is ideal not just for home and do it yourself use, but also for industrial applications.

It comes equipped with a powerful universal motor that provides 23 CFM and 3,000 FPM  airflow which speeds up your job. This heavy duty industrial quality heat gun has a sturdy dye cast aluminum housing with an easily replaceable reinforced Mica insulated ceramic heating element.

It has a three position rocker type switch for high temp off and low temperature. Hands free operation is also possible with this heat gun. You can free up your hands to do other tasks with the non-slip robber backed stand with a 90 degree rotation that holds the heat gone up.

Also, working for extended hours is not an issue with this unit. It’s three and a half pounds, is a lightweight design and contoured with a well balanced handle to provide maximum comfort no longer how long it takes to get your job done.

Its six foot three wire grounded cord is set as durable enough to withstand oil and sunlight exposure. The brush holders are accessible externally so you can easily replace the carbon brushes.


  1. Makita 13 AMP Variable Temperature Heat Gun-with case.


Engineered for industrial applications, the Makita variable temp heat gun is your perfect companion in doing light to heavy duty jobs like tinting vehicle windows, removing paint, ending plastic tubes, flying frozen pipes and more.

It features a push button temperature control lets you adjust the heat from 122 to 1,002 degrees Fahrenheit. The gun has a slide switch for three airflow settings cooling, low and high. These features enable you to match the temperature and airflow to the task at hand making it perfect for demanding applications.

The Makita 13 AMP variable temperature heat gun boats a compact lightweight design it’s just two pounds in weight and lets you finish various projects minimizing hand fatigue even after hours of consistent use.

The gun’s rubberized pistol grip handle provides optimum comfort while the integrated rear stand supports it in an upright position. All of these for convenient hassle free operation.

Another feature you shouldn’t miss is the overheat protection, built in tether notch and the 6.6 foot power cord the overheat protection keeps the gun from incorrect operation or overheating. This unit is compatible with the various nozzle accessories making it suitable for multiple applications.

Accessories are sold separately. It comes complete with glass protection nozzle to safeguard heat sensitive materials. There is also a case to keep the gun and its accessories securely organized.


That sums up our review of the top five best heat guns on the market. Heat guns uses are unlimited. It works great in preparing cars. stripping paint, flying frozen pipes, drying damp wood and even in searing meats or melting chocolates. Versatile enough to tackle various jobs.

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