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Best Stud Finder for Plaster Walls: Reviews & Buyer Guide

When you want to hang your next picture or mount a TV, one of the most useful devices you can have is a stud finder. It gives you the easiest most precise way to locate the studs hidden beneath the wall. There are other various methods that you can use in finding studs, but none of them are as easy and accurate as a stud finder.

If you’re renovating your home setting up a TV bracket, putting on a shelving unit, well pause and join us as we introduce the top five stud finders on the market that’ll make those wall hanging projects as easy as one two three.

Best Stud Finder for Plaster Walls

H. Hansen 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder.CHECK PRICE
Zircon Stud Sensor I65.CHECK PRICE
Franklin Prosensor 710CHECK PRICE
Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner GM S 120.CHECK PRICE
Dewalt 3/4 Inch Stud Finder.CHECK PRICE
  1. H. Hansen 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder.


This product is not only affordable when compared to other electronic stud finders, but it’s reliable, durable and accurate. It requires no batteries or calibration. The product has two high powered magnets to help you minimize the time scanning the wall. And because of this, users are advised not to place the tool near the TV or computer.

However, using this gadget by moving it slowly and swooping motion along the wall unit will distinguish any metal fastener compared to the others. It quickly pinpoints nails, screws and steel studs enabling you to identify a suitable spot to securely mount your wall décor, shelves, cabinets, TV brackets and more with minimal offering.

Leveling a picture or a mirror on the wall is as easy as possible with a CH Hansen’s stud finder. This tool includes a built-in rotating bubble containing a level monitor which you can use to rotate vertically or horizontally according to the walls alignment.

It provides optimum comfort as well with a perfect shape and soft grip that fits comfortably in your hand. It’s pointed and makes marking the center of the stud effortless. When the device is so small and concise, it can be set in any tool kit without problems. This unit is lightweight, simple and holds easily when in use.


  1. Zircon Stud Sensor I65.


This is a handy gadget to have when mounting objects on dry wall. With its unique center vision technology and spotlight pointing system, it expertly locates the centre of a stud and one pass. Equipped with a stud scan mode, you can easily find the edges or ideal centre for either wood or metal even if it’s just three quarters of an inch beneath the surface.

For studs that may be deeper in the wall or when working on a more dense area, you can switch the product to deep scan mode and it can go up to one and a half inches below the surface allowing you to locate the position of either metal or wooden studs. The wire warning function ensures your safety whenever you encounter live AC voltage even up to two inches deep and it warns you by flashing continuously. This product is created with auto correcting technology and over the stud warning which expertly detects when something is wrong and enables the item to recalibrate itself while informing you through a series of beeps and the illuminated arrow icon.

The Zircon stud sensors LCD display and audible beeps instantly alert and inform you when you’re close to the edge of the center of a stud. The visual bars in the LCD inform you of the edges of the studs while spotlighting appointing system which highlights the center.

By having different indicators it removes confusion giving you clarity allowing you to finish your job effectively and safely. High on quality and accuracy, the Zircon stud sensor is an important tool that you can always rely on.


  1. Franklin Prosensor 710.


Whether you’re a professional builder or homeowner that loves to do do-it-yourself projects around the house, this product can be a worthwhile addition to your toolbox. Constructed with both comfort and functionality in mind, the Franklin Prosensor 710 is lightweight and user friendly.

It comes customized with an advanced multi sense technology that can easily sense up to 13 different locations on your wall. This quick stud finder feature also allows you to work quickly since it eliminates the need to move from one corner of the wall to the other.

It can convert that tedious job of finding studs into a breeze. Even if you’re working with a dense surface, the Franklin Prosensor is equipped with a deep scanning mode that allows you to locate studs up to one and a half inches beneath the wall and give you precise readings.

It’s powered by using to double AA batteries and is suitable for both right or left handed people. The product also comes with LED lights that instantly brightens whenever it spots a stud in forming your words edges and center are giving you better precision and reliability.

As a bonus, you can also be informed of the size of the object and it can detect metal or wooden studs even if they’re unevenly placed on the wall. Created by an established company that’s reputable for its quality and practicality, the Franklin Prosensor 710 makes for an effective tool and an important addition to your construction gadget kit.


  1. Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner GM S 120.


It’s a versatile tool that can detect wood studs metal objects and live wiring and floors and walls. Sized at 10 and a quarter inches by three inches, by six and a half inches with an accuracy rate of zero point zero six twenty five, the scanner has three selection modes. It can detect copper wiring, steel and wood.

With laser technology, the scanner can find magnets and non-magnet metals, power cables wooden sub structures or even plastic pipes. Not only that the product is so reliable they can detect copper wiring two inches deep, steel that’s four and three fourths inches deep and studs there one and a half inches deep from the surface.

The fines are signaled by illuminating the rings that can be turned on or off as necessary. It flashes green for no connection, orange for objects that are nearby and red for objects that are found within the detectable area. It makes the stud finder unique because it automatically also self-calibrate during detection.

The ability to locate the center of an object is a plus it makes the job easier. The hole to make markings is also one of the advantages of this product. Bosch ensures this tool is user friendly as well. The LCD display lets you know the mode and detection strength among other things.

It’s powered by a 9 volt battery and does not require completely new batteries making it more of an economical choice. The package also includes a hand strap and carrying pouch so you can bring in anywhere along with your other tools. Overall, this is a great idea for construction, electricians, contractors, carpenters, masons and plumbers.


  1. Dewalt 3/4 Inch Stud Finder.


This product features an advanced center fine technology to locate studs and live wires helping you save time when scanning the wall. The accuracy of this product sensor will impress you. It identifies wood and metal studs as well as AC wiring effectively and you can hold it at an angular position.

The product has multiple scanners with a detection mechanism that works efficiently. It can detect wood and metal from three fourths of an inch deep with 100% precision. Aside from studs, nails, screws and bars, it also has an exceptional live wire sensor.

For first time users, the product has a one push power button with green light indicator to let you know that the device is powered on and ready to use. With a live wire sensor, you’re guaranteed to be free from accidentally drilling into a live wire. The AC arrow indicator will alert you with a yellow light if there’s a live wire and the exact location behind the wall. It has arrows pointing to the right or left with a yellow light to inform your closing in on the stud as you slide the item along the wall.

You don’t need to worry about angles anymore when using this product because it doesn’t have to be upright all the time. You can have a tilted wall in use the center find locator indicates a red light. Its audible alert with red light warns you. It’s at the center of the study.

It has a small hole to help you mark the center with a pencil and to get more accurate measurements hassle free. The Dewalt 3/2 inch stud finder is made from plastic, it’s sturdy lightweight and handy as well as having a slim design. The item is firm and doesn’t bend and it has an attractive packaging with two triple-A batteries ready to use. The batteries install easily and directions are also available in the packaging.

Dewalt also offers three limited warranties. The first one is a three year limited product warranty. The second is a free service contract for one year. And last but not least the 90 day money back guarantee.

Final Wrap

A stud finder is one of the most useful and affordable tools that you can have for home improvement and those wall hanging projects. It’s compact, easy to use and you’ll never have a problem carrying it with you as it can fit in your pocket. As with all these great products a locating beam for the stud is now quick and simple.

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