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Best Wheelbarrow for Concrete: Reviews & Buyer Guide

A wheelbarrow plays a huge role in gardening and construction. It’s an essential tool that’s easy to use and transport materials, soil, tools or supplies from one place to another. This hand-propelled vehicle requires it to be pushed or guided, and it comes in various different types.

They’re meant for anywhere from light work to have use. There are different types and designs that you can choose from depending on what you need. In choosing the best item for you, jot down your preferences that you’d like to see as well as how deep you prefer the beans should be.

They’re also made of steel and some are made of polycarbonate and wood. We bring you the five best wheelbarrows on the market. Whether you need the best of the best or just the most affordable option, we have the product that’s right for you.

Best Wheelbarrow for Concrete

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel FrameCHECK PRICE
True Temper 4 Cubic Foot Poly Wheelbarrow.CHECK PRICE
Jackson Six Cubic Foot Steel WheelbarrowCHECK PRICE
Milwaukee Six Cubic Foot Heavy Duty Pivot Handled WheelbarrowCHECK PRICE
Dandux Loadumper Wheelbarrow.CHECK PRICE
  1. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, Black.


It features steel handles and flat free tire, which speaks more for its durability. With this sturdy wagon, you’re able to get things done easily by either loading or dumping without help from another person. Its undercarriages heavy duty. The steel tray is sturdy enough to handle even the most damaging load that you need to put on board.

The steel handles are not just tough, but also offer comfort grips to make your experience with this cart more easy and convenient. It will help leave your hands unscathed. You can also smoothly rotate the braces whichever way you need. It comes with six cubic feet of capacity and a three and three quarter inch pneumatic flat proof tire. These are also called the never flat tires.

This cart is a single wheel with 16 inches of the wheel diameter. It does not require air, so passing through bumps and rough surfaces, won’t be a problem. The tire tread is also ripped. It runs four 58.75 inches in length and stands 27 inches high.

The assembly of the card is easy and the cleaning process is as well. Just make sure to secure the bolts and nuts to avoid popping off parts. Keep in mind, especially for those purchasing for pre-assembled units. It’s offered at a fair price with good quality and is a great deal.


  • Curved front allows easy dumping.
  • Flat-free tire, never needs air.
  • Heavy duty undercarriage.
  • Tough steel handles.


  • None.


  1. True Temper 4 Cubic Foot Poly Wheelbarrow.


This may be small compared to other carts offered out in the market, but it can surely do wonders and help you to tending your garden. The poly tray is lightweight and assures that you’ll not rust over time.

It weighs 28 pounds. Just don’t leave it outside or left under the rain more often as it tends to get cracked, but it is corrosion proof. The under carriage is made of steel. The handles are steel coated, hard wood. Its plastic bin is small yet durable with 53 inches in depth.

This four cubic foot capable wagon is best recommended for residential use. It’s not advisable for heavy usage like on construction sites or anything that demands carrying heavier loads. It’s meant for later yard work, play carrying mulch and soil.

It has a design with a slope and curb front in order to easily dump and spread the load. The 16 inch wheels are made of rubber, but are also inflated. There’s a tendency that the tires may go flat, so you want to make sure you don’t overload the cart or pass through any extremely bumpy ground.


  • Seal-coated hardwood handles.
  • Corrosion-proof poly tray.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Steel undercarriage.


  • Expensive.


  1. Jackson Six Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow.


The steel trays are industrial grade and can withstand rigorous and heavy duty work. This cart is 40% more tip-resistant than other wheelbarrows on the market. It has patented leg stabilizers and sturdy tube tires. The 60 inch hardwood handles are thick and able to handle a heavy day’s work.

The steel bracing is much wider in its stance, which refrains the cart from tipping over. It’s recommended and useful to use this on tougher, challenging job sites. Although it is a little bit heavier, it comes with high quality, sturdy and dependable materials. It can be assembled in less than five minutes.

The wheelbarrow is 26 inches high, 60 inches long and 25 and a half inches wide. It weighs just over 55 pounds. With this item, you’ll also get the 16 inch solid tire that is fly proof. It can carry heavier and demanding loads without ever having to worry about a flat.

It also has no trouble going through bumpy or rough surfaces. It is recommended not to leave it outdoors because there’s a tendency for the finish to warp over time. This can be resolved through repainting or a paint stripping, but you can save yourself some time by keeping it inside when not in use.


  • Wheelbarrow 40% more tip-resistant.
  • Heavy-duty wood handles.
  • 16 inch tubed knobby tire.
  • Heavy-duty steel tray.


  • None.


  1. Milwaukee Six Cubic Foot Heavy Duty Pivot Handled Wheelbarrow


Its ergonomic design focuses on a more improved, balanced when dumping or transporting loads. Although engineered for six cubic feet, the tray is designed to be wider than any other typical wheelbarrow for weight distribution, and to have a much lower center of gravity.

It’s uniquely designed where the tray is set on the cart’s handles to engage the front part of the wheelbarrow on the ground with a lesser tilt. This way, you’re able to dump the loads and prevent it from sliding forward. The tires of this wheelbarrow are flat proof, so no maintenance is required. You’re able to pass through bumpy and rough surfaces without ever having to worry about getting a flat.

The six cubic foot tray is wider than typical ones. And it’s made out of metal giving you even more space and durability to load your materials. This product is intentionally designed with pivoting handles that are made of sturdy steel. You’ll be callous free or this item, thanks to its finger and knuckle protection placed at the end of the cups.

It stands 25 inches, 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep. The material of its six inch single wheel is made in rubber and weighs 47 pounds total. You can have this wheelbarrow assembled at no time and right away start your gardening or construction project.


  • Wider tread for better stability.
  • Handle cups offer knuckle.
  • Heavy duty steel handles.
  • Finger protection.


  • None.


  1. Dandux Loadumper Wheelbarrow.


This four cubic foot load bumper wheelbarrow in beige is recommended because of its ergonomic design. The cart serves different purposes. It’s engineered for easy handling wherein you aren’t required to make even a single lift to haul it away.

It features the forward design, which allows superior balance and easy dumping. Everything you need to dump from the wagon goes out without the need to scoop the remnants in the top. This is definitely a user friendly tool.

It’s easy to navigate and you don’t need to worry about bumps or scrapes thanks to the high quality finish. It’s thanks to premium quality design, the tub is easy to clean polyethylene. The handle and frame are made of noncorrosive powder coated steel.

It also boasts the bottom base, which is a solid bar. This four cubic foot wheelbarrow offers solid rubber, no flat tires. The wheel is also 15 inches in diameter. This cart is able to carry 200 pounds of weight and comes in a classy green finish.

The item weighs 25 pounds, and you can have an assembled in less than a minute with no sweat. It also has a folding handle that serves her easy storage. There’s no maintenance needed for this cart.


  • Equipped with solid rubber tires.
  • Built for strength and durability.
  • Powder coated rust resistant.
  • Heavy duty.


  • Not ideal for a tall person.

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