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How can I Light my Garage Without Electricity?

How Can I Light My Garage Without Electricity?

light up garage without electricity

Electricity enables us to power the technology we use each day. Although we have outlived without it for many years before, we’ve come to rely on it in doing our daily chores.

We are so dependent on electricity that we would be astounded if there would be no electricity regularly. Some people choose not to be so dependent on electricity and prefer an off-grid lifestyle by using alternative sources of energy.

Most summer dwellers and those residing in the suburbs use a variety of technologies to illuminate utility places such as the basement, garden areas, pathways, and garages.

In this article, we shall look at various ways of lighting a garage without electricity. Take a look!


Effective Ways of Lighting a Garage Without Electricity

  1. Solar Lighting

Solar garage lights are environmentally-friendly and also reasonably priced. This is the best way to light up your garage if there’s no electricity. The best thing about these lights is that you don’t have to be troubled on wires running through your garage like you would with other electrical lights.

However, when it comes to purchasing garage solar lights, you’ll come across a wide selection of them, and this can be overwhelming if you’re buying for the first time.

Types of Solar Lights

There are distinct types of solar lights that you can set up in your garage. Solar deck and shed lights will precisely fit your garage. These lights have metal housing rather than the traditional plastic housing to make them weatherproof.

They are also designed with an automatic switch-on when darkness sets in and shut-off at dawn. These lights have distinct power settings; particularly low and full power settings. First, let’s look at what you require to install solar lights.


A Solar-Powered Generator

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This is similar to other electrical generators as it can be used to run electrical appliances at home or garage. It utilizes solar energy for electricity. Some of its vital components are:

The Solar Panel

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This is an essential part of a solar-powered generator. It’s exposed directly to the rays of the sun as it traps them and then transforms them into electricity. Solar panels are available in distinct sizes.

The Battery

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This is yet another vital constituent of a solar unit. It stores the energy produced in the cells of the solar panel. You can purchase a gel or a 12-volt lead/acid battery.

An Inverter

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The power generated is stored in a battery as DC (Direct Current). To run appliances or lights in your garage, it has to be converted to AC (Alternate Current) and the inverter executes this.

The Battery’s Box

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A battery box is helpful when it comes to protecting the cells from damage. If you have children at home, this guarantees your safety as it covers the electrical poles.


  • Solar lights are environmentally-friendly
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • It’s a renewable resource
  • The solar lights come in distinct shapes and sizes
  • It’s not noisy


  • Solar energy has to be stored in a solar rechargeable battery to be used during the night

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Apart from garage solar lighting, you can also use:

  1. Generators

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A generator can be useful if you have the correct one for your home and it’s securely connected. If you prefer a generator for your garage, contact an approved electrician to facilitate proper connection.

Don’t operate your generator inside your garage, home, or basement. If you select a movable generator, never connect it to your garage’s electrical system, but rather connect it directly to lighting devices and equipment you want to power.


  • Its lifespan is long
  • It operates anything in the garage
  • It’s more powerful than batteries


  • Bigger generators use more petrol and it’s, therefore, a costly energy source
  • They’re noisy, particularly the bigger ones


  1. Battery-Powered LED Lights

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If you do a fast internet search, you’ll find many of them. There are two main types of battery-powered lights.

Some can be operated by a car battery while others have their battery that can be recharged elsewhere by connecting it to a power outlet and then taken to the garage.

Other battery-powered lights are the flashlights or work-lights that share batteries with your cordless devices. You can use this if you’re working on the car even if the car battery is disconnected or dead. If you select the right device, you’ll either get a concentrated light or an area light.


  • It’s a clean, environmentally-friendly source of power
  • Requires easy maintenance
  • It’s portable
  • it provides sufficient light


  • It needs to be recharged frequently
  • It cannot power large appliances

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Fuel-based lamps cannot be used for garage lighting as several items in the garage can be flammable. These lamps expose you to open flames which could be hazardous. They shouldn’t be used in enclosed areas due to the smoke produced.

The best garage lighting alternatives if there’s no electricity are mentioned above. The garage lighting alternatives stated above also produce adequate light to illuminate your garage. You can, therefore, work in your garage even when darkness sets in.

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