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Tips for Organizing Garage

Why is it important to have a clean and organized garage? The primary reason is so that you know where everything is. If you know that you need to find that 14 mm socket and you have no idea where you normally put it or where it normally goes, then you’ve just got to go hunting. Even if it’s in your tool box and you’re just like, Hey I know it’s in here somewhere and you’re digging along, it just becomes a time waster and a time suck.

So if you have one of those little strips and it’s always connected to that little strip and you have that in your tool box, then you just go in there and you dig in and you try to find those little strips. You might pull out though a quarter inch drive or the half inch drive ones when you need that three eighths. But that’s a lot faster than digging all the way to the bottom trying to find that one specific socket that you’re looking for.


A Few tricks to keep a garage space better organized.

Tubs and Tupperware: These can be used all over the place. They come in different sizes and different uses. You can slide some underneath the shelves and you can put others on shelves back. They can be made out of wood or made out of plastic. It doesn’t really matter how they are. It just matters what you put in them and how you remember what is in them and where that specific stuff is.

So once you drop your electrical cords all into one bin then you know, okay, whatever I need an electrical cord, I’ve got to go to that bin and whenever I’m done with that electrical cord I should put it back into that bin.

Smaller Bins: You should have smaller bins in plenty because they come in handy when it comes to keeping super small items. These are really great for motor swaps. You can start working on a project and you just drop the little objects into these bins and then write yourself a little note about what is in this specific little bit.

They can also be used for small gear accessories. So if you need a specific size or a specific turn, you know which one is where. It just works out really fast and you can grab specific things take it out put it right back in and it makes your process a lot quicker when you have a good organized set.

Snack Baggies:  These are one of the most popular garage organization bags. They come in bigger sizes and also smaller sizes. This will depend on what you intent to use them for.

And what do you do with the snack baggies is you just drop some of the nuts and bolts and items into them and then you write yourself a little note. You can always throw it on blue tape so you can reuse the bag a few times, but a lot of people will just write on the baggie what is in there. Then you can throw all these little baggies into the bigger bins and then you have all you’re like, Hey this is all the bolts for the engine bay in that bin and then you store that away. And then they’re out spread out everywhere, they’re not all over the place. And you know hey I need some exhaust manifold bolts and you go into the bin and you’d find your little baggie and it just helps keep everything organized.

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So those are some of the tricks I use in my shop. I would love to hear some other tricks. I could always use better advice for trying to keep my shop organized. So let me know what you guys do down in the comments. If you have a good trick for keeping your shop organized, I want to know what it is.


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