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Best Chainsaw for Farm Use (Reviewed 2021)

Whether you’re maintaining your garden, cutting firewood or taming tall trees in a forest, a chainsaw is designed to make your life easier, but one chainsaw does not fit all. There are many different types of chainsaws and they come in different sizes. They’re designed for particular jobs like general maintenance or for commercial use.

Chainsaws are versatile and time saving tool, and they’re very powerful. It’s important that you match the right chainsaw with the job that you have to do as well as with your level of experience in using the saw.

If you fell trees for any reason a few times each year, or have serious tree trimming to do, it might just be the time to take the power tool plunge and choose the best chainsaw for your needs. Check out our top 5 pick of the best chainsaw brands.

Best Chainsaw for Farm Use

Husqvarna Ford 55 Rancher, 20 inchCHECK PRICE
DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw, 12-Inch, Tool Only (DCCS620BCHECK PRICE
Echo CS-590 20 Inch Wolf ChainsawCHECK PRICE
Makita Electric ChainsawsCHECK PRICE
Black & Decker's LCS1240, 40 Volt Max Lithium ion Chainsaw, 12 inchCHECK PRICE
Craftsman 41AY4216791 S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  1. Husqvarna Ford 55 rancher, 20 inch.


The Husqvarna four 55 rancher is a powerful chainsaw designed for both serious and hobbyist users. The saw draws this power from its unique X torque engine, but in spite of its commendable, cutting power, the chainsaw is also quite light, which makes it easier to wield and suited for extended periods of use.

And because of its good engine power, the saw should cut through timber with ease and speed. The presence of a vibrating dampening system on this saw also means you can make cleaner cuts and suffer less fatigue during use. This brand is also respected for its quality products. And this means you can expect durability when using this great chainsaw.

The chainsaw also comes with a special air filter cleaning system, the innovation, which also makes the chainsaw compliant with CARB, California, air resource board recommendations also offers users the convenience of not cleaning the air filter all the time. The fact that the saw has a centrifical air cleaning system that removes the larger debris before it gets to the air filter helps a great deal.


  • X-torque engine.
  • Powerful.
  • Lightweight.
  • Special air filter.


  • Costly.


  1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw, 12-Inch, Tool Only (DCCS620B


When it comes to raw cutting power, if you chainsaws can stand up to what this pool on two-stroke gas as to offer the engine features what the manufacturers calls Oxypower engine technology, which ensures that you have a little extra power in case you need the saw for more demanding jobs. Because of this power, this chainsaw can be used to fell trees clean up and handle demanding woodcutting jobs with ease.

And for those worried about how difficult chainsaws are to start owning this Dewalt chainsaw promises to make a difference. Like other great Poulan chainsaws, this model has a spring assisted effortless pull start system, EPS. The pulling start Dewalt requires 30% less power for easier starting.

This feature reduces starting effort and the risk of engine damage brought about by engine flooding. Quality is also something you can expect while using this product, which is something buyers have come to expect of Dewalt products.


  • Raw cutting power
  • Easy start.
  • High quality.
  • Oxypower engine.


  • None.


  1. Echo CS-590 20 Inch Wolf Chainsaw


This wood chainsaw as described is a beast of a machine that is well-suited to professional woodcutting. The chainsaw features a 59.8 CC two-stroke gas powered chain that gives it power to rip through wood with ease and precision.

The starter rope features a decompression valve, which should make the rope easier to pull when starting up the song. The feature is provided through button additionally to soft features in electronic ignition system. The chain is oiled automatically. In fact, the automatic oiling is adjustable for greater versatility.

The saw also features vibration control and a quality one at that for safety, the chainsaw has a chain breaking system in case of a kickback. The design of the saw is also ergonomically thought out for a comfortable use experience. The comfort is enhanced by the presence of high quality vibration control.


  • Proffesional.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Automatic oiling.
  • Safety features.


  • None.


  1. Makita Electric Chainsaw.


In addition to being described by Makita as tool-less because you don’t need tools to adjust the blade and the chain, this electric chain saws among the best rated in the market, as we speak for other reasons as well. For instance, startups are usually an issue with many chainsaws, but this Makita model rises above this problem by featuring a large trigger switch, as well as a soft start.

This contributes to a smoother startup. And for the environmentally conscious chainsaw fans the fact that this saw has zero emissions is huge plus. But in spite of these fancy features, this sauce, steel packs, a punch the chain saws designed to provide faster cutting, even during serious cutting jobs.

You’re less likely to run into costly repairs when using this saw that’s because it has a built in current limiter reduces motor power during overloads, the safety feature also kicks in when the saw senses an increased chance of burnout.


  • Tool-less.
  • Trigger switch.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Safety features.


  • None.


  1. Black & Decker’s LCS1240, 40 Volt Max Lithium ion Chainsaw, 12 inch


It may be a cordless electric chainsaw, but this Black and Decker power cutting tool offers more than just improved maneuverability. With its serious cutting power, the chainsaw has managed to be among the leading chain saws in the market at the moment.

It’s also suited for both live and dry wood cutting, and it can do this with speed, power and efficiency. Despite relying on a battery, the saw promises to provide a fade free performance. Therefore don’t expect the performance of the sod to go down is battery power gets depleted.

The chain saw relies on an bar and chain and component combo providing a premium cutting performance and reduced vibration. Additionally, despite its reliance on battery power, the chainsaw can manage to cut up to 60 pieces of four by four pine lumber before requiring recharge.


  • Maneuverability.
  • Efficient battery.
  • Premium quality.
  • Reduced vibration.


  • None.


  1. Craftsman 41AY4216791 S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw-16-Inch Bar and Automatic Chain Oiler-Carrying Case Included, Liberty Red


When cutting up wood is a hobby or serious business for you. This gas chainsaw might be the solution you need. That’s because of its amply sized 14 inch blade and a powerful, pure fire engine. The chainsaw has been designed to provide professional and powerful performance.

CraftMan also promises that you’ll get clean cuts with his chainsaw. The manufacturer has also put considerable effort into making the machine light in weight, despite its powerful engine. The lower power to weight ratio means you should not get as tired when using this chainsaw, as you typically would with a similarly powered woodcutting tool.

To add to this comfort and use convenience is a thoughtful anti-vibration feature. The saw also has an inbuilt lanyard, which should make for an easier carrying experience for instance, when climbing up trees.

You should expect to get a quicker and more convenient chain adjustment experience with this chainsaw that is because of the side access chain tensioning feature on the chain chainsaw with some alternatives. This process is convoluted and therefore filled with potential for serious errors.


  • Compact size.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Easy to carry.


  • None.

Best Chainsaw for Homeowners Buying Guide

Are you thinking about purchasing a new chainsaw, but aren’t quite sure which one to choose. These are just but a few tips that would help get you pointed in the right direction.

  • Purpose of the Saw

If you have little to no experience with a chainsaw, you should probably make as conservative of the choice as you can. Although you want to have a chainsaw with the right power range and features to perform the task at hand, it’s best that you don’t choose one with substantially more power than you need.

If you plan on using your chainsaw occasionally around the yard, say clearing up after a storm or maintaining trees on your property, then you should consider a smaller, lightweight unit chain saw.

Don’t underestimate them, they have lots of power to take on those tasks around your home, a couple with a reduced emissions engine and bar lengths that can range from 12 to 16 inches.

  • Main features (Lever, chain brake, chain oiler, pump, etc]

Now, all steel chain saws will come standard with the steel quick stop chain brake, the master control lever, a very comfortable AAV system and automatic bar and chain oiler. Some also come with a steel easy to start feature as well as a purge pump and a quick chain adjuster.

The easy to start feature enables the user to start the engine with an almost effortless pull of the cord coupled with the purge pump that ensures the fuel system is primed with cool, fresh fuel.  And the quick chain adjuster allows you to maintain the proper chain tension without the need for a special tool or wrench

  • Size of the wood you need to cut

This will be one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make when choosing the right chainsaw. Oftentimes people will overestimate the size of the wood they’re going to cut and then the buying more saw than they actually need.  Make sure you’re realistic about choosing the right bar length coupled with the engine series that best fits your needs.

  • Power Source

The chain saw chainsaws the most folks consider for home or farm use will fall into two general power head categories, electric and gasoline fueled engines. If you plan to routinely fell medium-sized trees or cut firewood in the vicinity of 14 inches in diameter, you might choose a more powerful two to three horsepower electric model or 45 CC displacement gas power model each with an 18 inch bar.

While you can cut smaller trees and logs with larger saws, you will spend more for the tool and more on gasoline, chain sharpening chains and maintenance then with the smaller saw. If you’re sewing will span a wide range of woods sizes, you might consider purchasing a power head that works well when sewing the larger logs and fitting it with two or more bars and chains of different links.

However, if you need to clear acres of brush and routinely cut 14 inch logs for firewood, it might make the most sense to own a 14 inch saw with a 30 CC gas powered head for limbing and another with an 18 inch bar and 45 CC power head for felling.

  • Safety Features

When purchasing your first chainsaw, you should definitely look for machines with good safety features such as front hand guard, chain brake chain, catcher, and throttle trigger that can’t be activated unless you have the saws handle in your grip.

You’ll also need to spend money on protective work wear, including eye and face protection, hearing protection, heavy shirts and pants, tough gloves, heavy boots, and chainsaw chaps.


Take your time. Do your research. Even work with your local dealers to test various models. A chainsaw is a big investment, and you want to make sure that you get the right tool to make your life the best it can be. We certainly hope we have helped you in choosing the best chainsaw.


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