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Best Laser Level for Tile (Reviewed 2021)

Confused about which self-leveling line laser to buy which brand is good and which product is best, well there’s no need to worry because we are here when we’ve got you all covered. These are the five best self-leveling lasers on the market.

We have selected the top five brand products to review and compare for you so that you can select one according to your need without going through the hassle of your own research.

Best Laser Level for Tile

Bosch 100 foot Self-Leveling Cross Line LaserCHECK PRICE
Dewalt 12-Volt Max Lithium Ion 100 foot green self-leveling levelCHECK PRICE
Johnson self-leveling Rotary Laser Level System.CHECK PRICE
Makita 12-Volt Max 60 Self Leveling Cross Line four point Green Laser Kit.CHECK PRICE
Leica Leno L2G Cross Line Green Laser Level.CHECK PRICE
  1. Bosch 100 foot Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser- with Visio Max green beam.


The Bosch GLL 100 g x green beam self-leveling cross line laser features and all in one functionality with vertical, horizontal and cross line modes. This laser is capable to project two lines independently or even together turning a two man job into one. Isn’t that an amazing feature? But that’s not all. The cross line laser projection level and Plum is a time saver and covers a wide range which is ideal for the alignment of drop Hvac, ceiling, tile, lighting plumbing electrical and cabinet installations.

Another important fact, the built envisage Max technology empowers outstanding line visibility in normal working conditions. The Bosch also has smart pendulum system which self levels and indicates out of level condition to ensure an accurate layout by smart leveling.

The green beams in this product are up to four times brighter than the average red beams which enables the tool a working range of up to 100 feet to work on jobs no matter how small or large. It’s very fast and accurate and offers an accuracy of plus or minus one eighth of an inch at 33 feet. It’s very versatile as the lines can be projected together or separately for alignment application.

The visit Max technology helps in monitoring power consumption in order to maximize line visibility and also extend battery life. And did you know that this product is IP 54 rated to protect against water and dust? Then the laser is also built with a sturdy over molded construction with the IP 54 rating to protect against dust and water.

Bosch offers a simple user friendly reliable and also an affordable product which can be used indoor and also outdoor, but not under direct sunlight. It offers an accuracy of plus or minus one eighth of an inch at 33 feet and it can be mounted on a wall or tripod and comes with three double AAA batteries. This product has a two year warranty and can be returned in 90 days.


  1. Dewalt 12-Volt Max Lithium Ion 100 foot green self-leveling level- with battery two AA h charger in case


Dewalt 12 volt green cross line laser is designed to take on the tough jobs as it has a 12 volt Lithium Ion rechargeable power tool battery. It comes packed with IP 65 technology which helps it to be resistant to debris and water. What makes it so special? It has a 360 degree line laser to help a full room layout.

The full time pulse mode is also available which enables use with detector and maintains maximum brightness to extend the range and visibility. This product also has a locking pendulum which helps avoid damage to internal parts and components. It also has many mounting options. A magnet on the back which lets it attach to metal, a bracket that can be screwed to wall and also on a tripod. And this is also so wonderful for the users.

To sum it up, Dewalt offers a reliable and heavy duty product which can carry out almost any task effectively. It has three beams which help in a 360 degree leveling and adds value to it. This product has three years limited warranty and can be returned within 90 days.


  1. Johnson self-leveling Rotary Laser Level System.


You need to know that Johnson designed its self-leveling Rotary laser level system for vertical and horizontal use. This product is basically catered to accomplished tradesmen and homeowners as it can work well with both indoors and outdoors. It’s quite user friendly. You just simply need to unlock the transportation lock and turn it on and the laser will level by itself on the X or Y axis.

This locking technology protects inner pendulum during transportation. This laser projects a red light being with 360 degree with a max distance of 800 feet. With the claim to measurement accuracy of plus or minus one eighth of an inch, it also incorporates three rotational speeds of 200, 400 and 600 RPM.

This lower rotational speed helps intensify being visibility whilst the higher speed is used for outdoor use with the detector. The laser self-levels and horizontal planes while it has to be manually leveled in vertical applications. Johnson has done a good job offering to its customers with a durable and high impact product that is job-site tough as it is an enclosed beacon that protects the inner components from water and dirt.

This product comes packed with for double AAA alkaline batteries. Another interesting thing, it also has audible and visual alarms which go off when it is beyond leveling range. It can be mounted on a wall or a tripod. It has three years warranty and is returnable in 90 days.


  1. Makita 12-Volt Max 60 Self Leveling Cross Line four point Green Laser Kit.


It’s wonderful to know lasers are usually used in early stages of construction when measurements are made. Makita came up with a product which gives its users a cordless solution for vertical and horizontal cross-reference lines plus four point which is required for alignment, plumb, level and square applications.

And you have to know that depending on the ambient light the Makita SK10 6GDC has a visibility of line which ranges up to 115 feet. It incorporates a bright light with an accuracy of plus or minus one eighth of an inch at 33. It provides with 160 degree vertical and 180 degree horizontal lines for full coverage. It’s also very fast in terms of self-leveling line stability which is achieved in up to three seconds.

It’s pretty amazing as it also helps increase productivity and reach efficiency. So yes, this product is great for users looking for a high continuous runtime as this product offers 12 volt Mac 60 battery which delivers 20 hours of continuous runtime. It’s also great for users looking for a self-leveling on uneven surfaces as this product offers the user’s correct up to 4 degree of slope.

It is also IP 54 rating products which helps ensure the users that it’s dust and water resistant. It also offers to lower laser brightness mode which helps extend the battery runtime performance and also a battery protection circuit which protects against overheating along with overloading as well. Makita offers a three-year limited warranty and is returnable for 90 days.


  1. Leica Leno L2G Cross Line Green Laser Level.


Leica Leno products are manufactured and designed for professionals improving their results by making their work easier. Leica Leno provide amazing and excellent performance quality along with well conceived accessories. The Leica Leno L2 G cross line laser has great visible lines at the appropriate and correct angles to one another.

This new laser comes equipped with the latest green laser technology which makes lines even more clear and visible. Another interesting fact, because of this new green laser technology, this will help make it easier for you to see your reference lines as it will enhance the visibility and eventually improve the effectiveness along with efficiency of interior work.

The Leica Leno L2 G cross line green laser can be used even in extreme lighting conditions or can be used over long distances. It projects precise and sharp lines for easy leveling, projecting two lines vertical and horizontal incorporating a much refined fan angle expanding behind the unit. Therefore, it’s important to know that overall the Leica Leno is a professional tool which comes in handy in almost every situation and environment.

It comes with double a batteries and has two numbers of beams which has a maximum distance of 100 feet. It can be mounted on a tripod and on the walls as well. Leica offers a three year warranty when registered through my world and is returnable within 90 days.

Final Wrap

So there you have the five best self-leveling line lasers on the market today. As you’ll notice, every brand of self-leveling line laser has its own distinctive set of features that help them give an edge over the others and stand out from the rest. Different features in these different brand products will appeal to people based on their requirement and need. So this will help you narrow down your choice for which is most suited for you.

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