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How do you Stack Garage Shelves?

How do you Stack Garage Shelves?

Several garages offer very little room for shelves, while others can house quite a lot. For those with a double garage and two cars, the space on the walls for shelves is a bit limited. However, in such instances, you can squeeze one or two Garage Shelves above the level of your head but beneath the ceiling.

Don’t store heavy or regularly used items on the high shelves as it can be difficult to remove them. If you have a space on the floor, a strong freestanding shelf is the better option for strength and accessibility. Whether you have a high shelf, a freestanding unit, or cabinetry with shelves, how do you stack them?

Ways of Stacking Garage Shelves

  • Garage shelves are essential. They’re part of your Garage Storage System. Besides hanging, shelving is the other most common and practical method of storage. Open shelves are ideal for storing large and heavy items like iceboxes.
  • With Open Shelves, you can easily see what you have. Shelves can be used to keep things in plain view, and also behind closed doors in cabinets. It’s a perfect solution for storing non-visual and visual storage preferences.

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Though it’s easy to find a shelving unit for almost any budget, you need to take into account these crucial considerations to get the most out of the shelving system that you finally choose. Keep reading!

  • Shelves should be sufficiently deep to store things safely. However, they should not be so deep that items hide behind each other. Garage Shelves that have a depth of 16 inches are perfect for storing large items while those that are 12-inch deep are good for smaller things
  • It’s ideal to have more shelving units placed closer to each other. With that, you will not be tempted to arrange items too high on one shelf. Items that are stacked high can fall. Finding and organizing items in such stacks can be cumbersome.
  • Items that are frequently used should be stored at waist level where they are easily accessible. Things that you don’t regularly use should be stored on the high or low shelves. Hefty things should be kept close to the floor so that if they fall, they are less likely to hurt anyone.
  • Newer items should be stored behind older things on the shelf, much like the way goods are displayed in a grocery shop. In this way, older items are the first to use.
  • The shelving unit should be 1 to 6 inches above the floor to keep the items stored on the Garage Shelves clean and dry. Having done that, you have a free space on the floor to store heavy and unwieldy items like vacuum cleaners and 5-gallon containers
  • If you want to keep your items clean, the shelves should be enclosed in a cabinet or similarly store your items in Garage Shelves with Doors. One way of doing this is by constructing a simple wall around your shelving system and building a closet that has sliding doors

How to Organize Garage Shelves

Keeping the shelves arranged over time is one of the biggest challenges in using any shelving unit. Shelf Dividers are useful devices in keeping your items separated. Nevertheless, nothing is more useful than storage containers. They maintain the tidiness of items on your shelves.

Square-Shaped Storage Containers with Lids work perfectly since they stack tidily and are available in different sizes. You can keep items such as plumbing, electrical appliances, and paints in these containers.

You can easily find what you’re looking for provided the containers are well labeled. Rather than labeling the containers, you can label the shelves themselves if they have only one type of item. 

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Shelved Cabinets

  • One of the main benefits of using Cabinets with Adjustable Shelves is that items can be kept out of sight. This is because the items are not exposed directly to dust and dirt in the air, they’re cleaner. If you want to keep foodstuffs that don’t fit into your kitchen pantry or you’ve purchased in bulk, choose a closed cabinet rather than open shelves.
  • Safety is yet another crucial benefit of storing toxic substances that are potentially harmful in cabinets that infants cannot open. Lockable cabinets are ideal for storing poisonous chemicals, oils, fertilizers, mineral spirits as well as spray paint.
  • If the cabinet you have doesn’t have a lock, you should buy a childproof lock and install it. When stacking Garage Shelves, you have to take into account several factors as we have mentioned above. They should be stacked neatly and orderly while considering security, accessibility and the device to be stored.


Steel shelves have different purposes. You can use it to organize your kitchen, office garage or business area. You can also use it as a bookshelf and fly your collection. You can use it in the living room to display pictures or house plants, and it’s an excellent way to help you organize your area especially in small places.

It also varies in the different styles and the ones made with medium density, fiber boards or wired ones. It all depends on your preferences and how you want to use it. Some also have rolling casters for easy maneuverability and some simply have feet levelers.

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